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unPlease note: we do not teach ourselves. Lessons are provided by our teachers / licensees. Please contact us.



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A unique method for teaching foreign
languages to youngsters, based on fun, based on fun, spontaneity, games and activities.

We have a teaching SYLLABUS, a very large portfolio of copyable activity sheets, games, trifling work, board games, lotto and game cards, theme lotto, songs, song books, cassettes, cdís, games adapted to various themes, certificats/diplomas, A4, A3 and A5 Flash Cards, bingo, A3 posters, lesson plans, sample lessons, theatre plans, multimedia, etc.

Please consult the TEXT-MENU for, amongst others, the Lesson Program and Starter Packages.

Our method is based on the very last scientific results in EFL or other foreign language learning, and was developed by linguists and child psychologists.

Organisation of Lessons / Prices: please go here.

LANGUAGES for TEENS: please go here: 


Examples of songs


Sample song in French

HOLIDAYS (songs & links)