We are located at SMETSLAAN 21 (for location detail : click here).

ARRIVE BY TRAIN AND WALK : Walk towards the BACK of the station, using the small tunnel underneath the rails. Go left up the path, go a few steps to the right and turn left into the Avenue Des Rossignols. Go left at the Avenue Marcel Coppijn, go right at the Rue Longue and go right again at the Avenue Terlinden / Terlindenlaan. Turn left into the Prins De Salmlaan and right at the Smetslaan. Number 21 is to the right, immediately after the little wood. (Attention: there is a shortcut - PATH - , from the Ave M. Coppijn to the Ave. Terlinden: almost immediately in the Ave M. Coppijn : turn right; turn left at the Ave Terlinden and almost immediately turn right into the Pr. De Salmlaan - this path may be muddy after a rainy day).

ARRIVE BY TRAIN AND GO BY BUS : Busses leave from the (FRONT of) the station every 30 minutes during the heavy and every 60 minutes during the slack hours. The company is called DE LIJN and the line number is 348 (end direction: Etterbeek Station). Click on this link to go to the ROUTE PLANNER : (attention: the route planner is available in Dutch only - for a translation and an explication of how to fill out : click here). For a map of where the bus stops, click here.

GO TO and FRO BY METRO and BUS : The easiest way, form Brussels (center, north or south), is to take the metro to the Hermann-Debroux station (line 1A) and from there take bus line number 348 direction LA HULPE STATION. For the bus, see above text and link. For a map of the METRO, click here (Hermann-Debroux: see right side of the map).

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