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The Alphabet Song

An Airplane flies in the sky

The Bear claps its hands 

A Cat miows 

A Dog barks

  This Elephant blows its trunk

A Fish lives in the water

A Gorilla lives in the jungle

This Helicopter flies in the air

An Igloo is built out of snow

This is a Jack-in-the box. It's a toy

This boy flies a Kite

This animal is called a Lizard 

This is a Mop. It is used to mop the floor

Birds hatch in a Nest

A fish lives in the Ocean 

The Parrot lives in the jungle

  A Quilt is a cover on a bed (to keep you warm)

Did you ever see a Rainbow ? 

It is fun to sail in a Sailboat 

Apples grow on a Tree 

When it rains we use an Umbrella 

For cleaning we use a Vacuum cleaner

This is a Waterfall 

On a Xylophone one can play nice music

Yarn can be used to knit a sweater

And a Zebra is an animal living in Africa

Bye !