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Dear Kids, on this page you will find a number of links teaching you about the Ramadan. And about Ayd al Fitr, the "Sugar Fest". As you see, RAMADAN can be FUN !  We hope you enjoy.

  Listen to the song again and see the words

  Children's Activities for Ramadan


   HAPPY RAMADAN ! (with music)


Ramadan en Suikerfeest (Nederlands)


  Feestdagen agenda (Nederlands)

Ramadan notities (Nederlands)


  Le Ramadān (en franēais)


  Le jeūne pendant le mois de Ramadān


  The Ramadan on the Net


  Essentials of the Ramadan


  Bismillah hir Rahman nir Raheem (text in English)


  Ramadan Greeting Ecards AND: Animated Ramadan Ecards




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