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The Multimedia Laboratory®™ and Cyberschool®™: an ideal combination.

The CYBERSCHOOL®™ program of computer lessons, in combination with the Multimedia Laboratory®, makes for a complete, unique and unrivaled system of Computer Instructional Learning (CIL).

Our Method is conceived and developed entirely by us and carries various copyright and other protections. Besides being used for teaching private individuals, such as children and seniors, in our own school or in those of our licensees, it is now in use with some of the largest companies - amongst which some are entirely IT oriented - for training their personnel.


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For the lesson program and a sample lesson, consult the TEXT-MENU above. Please note:

Out of the total Lesson Program, only two sample lessons are on-line available without a Client or License Code. The two lessons which can be consulted are in Dutch and in French. The complete Lesson Program is currently available in English, French and Dutch. Other languages are in the proces of preparation.



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Please note: we only teach in and around Brussels. Lessons elsewhere are provided by our teachers / licensees. Please contact us.

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